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7 tips for framing your art without breaking the bank

Custom framing can be expensive, I have on more than one occasion spent more on framing than on the art itself. And sometimes custom framing is the way to go, but if that isn’t in your budget here are some easy tips on doing it yourself. Pictured Mini Poster Print Stream 8x10 Selecting the Frame There are a few things you can do in purchasing a frame that will save you quite a bit. 1. Buy art in standard sizes Art comes in an endless number of sizes depending on what the artist was working with… but there are some basic sizes that frames come in, so if you have the choice make sure you stick with the standards. What...

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How You Can Create Big Design Impact with Art Groupings

Do you need fresh ideas for displaying art in your home? Or how you can highlight a smaller piece of art in a big impact way? I want to share with you about creating art groupings and what that can accomplish for space! I've really enjoyed pulling together small little collections of various art pieces and have even displayed my art this way for pop-up events. It's a really unique and versatile way to create impact in a space, so let's get started!   Pictured Mini Poster Prints Toy Packaging 12x16 & Donuts 8x10 Picking the place for your art First, you want to pick the right support for the artworks. Something that your art can sit on and lean against. Sometimes you may...

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