How You Can Create Big Design Impact with Art Groupings

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Do you need fresh ideas for displaying art in your home? Or how you can highlight a smaller piece of art in a big impact way? I want to share with you about creating art groupings and what that can accomplish for space! I've really enjoyed pulling together small little collections of various art pieces and have even displayed my art this way for pop-up events. It's a really unique and versatile way to create impact in a space, so let's get started!


two art prints on a picture ledgePictured Mini Poster Prints Toy Packaging 12x16 & Donuts 8x10

Picking the place for your art

First, you want to pick the right support for the artworks. Something that your art can sit on and lean against. Sometimes you may have an existing piece of furniture that has some empty wall space above it, such as a console or buffet. Even a bookshelf can work well if there is enough height between the shelves. If you don't have a piece of furniture, you can select a picture ledge or wall shelf and mount it on the wall. Select one that fits with your existing decor and will allow the art to be the focus, a nice simple black, white or natural wood ledge works quite well.


two art prints on a picture ledgePictured Mini Poster Prints Saturday Mornings 8x10 & Night Before 12x16

Selecting the amount of art to display

Next, consider the number of pieces you'll need. You can work with as few as two pieces, or as many as 5 or more. If you opt for more than two, keep in mind that grouping things in odd numbers tends to be the most visually appealing and natural looking. When deciding on the number, size will play a role - if you have one or more slightly larger pieces you may opt for a fewer number overall.

Thinking about the size of the art

Regarding size, you need variety here to create visual interest. You can accomplish this with varying the dimensions of the artwork selected or by selecting some work that is oriented vertically with others horizontally.


two art prints on a picture ledgePictured Mini Poster Prints Dinner with Gus 12x16 & Sunset 8x10

Displaying art in different styles

When selecting the subject, style, color and media of the pieces, you have a lot of options - shoot for commonality and contrast. You will want at least one unifying element between the art selected, but you can get creative with what ties them together. They can share a color palette, or just be framed/finished the same way. Or perhaps each of the artworks reflect the same subject matter. Have fun with defining what ties them together, and then enjoy variety in the other areas. 

Hanging and arranging your art

Now for the most satisfying part of all of this, hanging and arranging! When positioning a ledge or shelf, keep in mind that you want your art to be at eye level. You are going to place larger pieces behind and layer smaller pieces in front. Keep the overall lines of the arrangement in mind when grouping, you want to shoot for an "A" a "skyline" or "asymmetry".

three paintings on a picture ledge
3 paintings arranged on a picture ledge
2 paintings on a picture ledge

Arranging art tips

In order to highlight a smaller piece of art as the focal point, consider giving it the most contrast, use larger pieces that are more subtle or create a background effect, letting the focus rest on the smaller work you want to highlight.

Add other elements as visual interest, a tall skinny vase with a branch, or a little knick knack with the art group can also add to the aesthetic nicely.

Now go enjoy making your home beautiful!


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