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Hi! Welcome to North Studio, I'm glad you are here. My name is Krissie and I am an artist and user experience designer living in Kansas City with my husband and two kids.

I started North Studio in 2011 as a contrast to my every day work as a web designer/developer. I needed an outlet to create without the parameters that come with client work. Since that time, I've had two kids and ventured out on my own path in my "day job" by starting North UX, a digital agency creating custom marketing technology solutions. Consequently North Studio went on the back burner. But at the start of 2020, I made a commitment to revive it and grow it. The year started on the heals of some really rough seasons and significant losses in our family. That coupled with the stress of owning and running a business left me needing an outlet like never before, and North Studio was reborn.

My original work is based in expressing and exploring emotions and the complexity and nuance of life in an abstract way. That being said you will find two mediums that I primarily work with, heavy body acrylics, and water color. You will also see a lot of geometric structure, contrasted with abstract, free melding of colors. To me it speaks to the complexity of life, to our own plans and the reality we live in daily.

In 2022 I started a collaboration with a therapist, Sara Nelson-Johns, to create products that not only express visually this complexity of life, but are also a tool you can use to understand and organize your own unique emotions, cognitive processing and reactions to what life throws at you.

Thank you for sharing in my story, and supporting me in this very personal business. It is so appreciated!