Decompress the Stress Re-charge Practice

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Practice this re-charge. 

What is your energy level right now? Do you feel like a hummingbird, a sloth, a grizzly bear, a worker bee, or something else? Take time to think through how your body physically feels. Scan your body, posture, gut, breathing, head/neck/shoulders. Are you carrying pain or tightness? Are you breathing shallowly instead of taking clean, deep breaths? Are you holding tension in your back? Are you bouncing and fidgeting out of boredom or anxiety? Mark the spot below that feels most like your energy right now.

What about your mental energy? Is it early in the day, mid-day, or late at night? How awake are you? Is this a good time for focus, or are you winding down from a long day with lots going on around you?


There are 6 main categories of emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry, Fear, Surprised, and Disgusted. Identify what category you might be feeling at this time. Below are some words that might resonate right now. Note the terms that you identify with at this moment.

Pressured - Anxious - Nervous - Astonished - Distracted

Relaxed - Content - Trusting - Powerful

Tired - Confused - Fatigued - Disillusioned - Uneasy

Happy - Joyful - Well-paced - Accomplished

Anticipation - Bored - Overwhelmed - Apathetic

Accepted - Open - Interested - Provoked

Hesitant - Withdrawn - Isolated - Skeptical

  1. Check-in with yourself frequently - if you do a 30-second check-in a few times a day, you will start to notice patterns. If you are always tired and checked out for the same task, you can backtrack and figure out how to get your energy level up before sitting in the chair. Focus and concentration are directly affected by body and mind energy levels.
  2. Your toughest tasks need your A-game, you need to walk in with the right mental and physical state. Identify your most challenging tasks. What could you do before the task to help your focus and attention while doing the task?

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